Introducing Mouro Capital

Smart capital for bold visions

Mouro Capital is a venture capital firm investing in the future of financial services. With $400m in assets under management, we back ambitious entrepreneurs leading early to growth stage businesses across Europe, North America, and Latin America. Like our namesake Mouro Island, whose lighthouse acts as a beacon for travelers to the Bay of Santander in Northern Spain, we help guide teams as they build the businesses that transform the financial sector.


What we invest in

We take a broad view to the future of financial services, looking even beyond today’s industry boundaries. We ask ourselves fundamental questions and build strong theses around topics we are passionate about while keeping an open mind to new ideas that challenge our beliefs.

Better processes.

How can we bring automation and real-time applications into banking infrastructure?

Alternative delivery.

How can banking services be delivered through APIs? How can finance be embedded in third-party journeys?

New client propositions.

What new client value propositions are emerging in developed and developing markets?

Technology shift.

How are novel technologies and new engineering paradigms (artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing) changing how we bank?

Digital crossovers.

What new enterprise solutions and emerging platforms will be the gateway to tomorrow’s financial services?

Industry boundaries reinvented.

How can industries be more integrated and converge into new white spaces fuelled by finance? What is the role of money in a data-rich world?

How we invest


We know how hard it is to change an industry as complex as financial services, so our investment style is flexible and adapts to each opportunity to best support you. We look for ambitious entrepreneurs, bold visions and relentless execution skills able to deliver industry-defining companies. If that describes you, get in touch.

We are global but invest primarily across Europe, North America, and Latin America

We invest across most lifecycle stages, from seed to early to growth

We invest tickets up to $15 million and reserve additional capital for future rounds

We prefer to lead but can follow others’ terms

We are happy to co-invest with other value-add investors

We want our investment to be meaningful enough to have a seat at the table

We build the right interfaces to closely support your success

We want to actively mobilize our portfolio, our network and our expertise for you


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