Driven by what we believe in

We are long-term thinkers

We are ambition-driven

We believe ambition will set the standards for the financial services. We look for that extra “thing” we could do.

We are one step ahead

We are always identifying risks, impacts and opportunities for us and our portfolio companies.

Our work is our product

Our vision, our thesis, our behaviour, our track-record, and our efforts will make us successful. We get our energy from communicating our product.

We are short-term doers

We are creative but rigorous

Proper processes must maintain the flexibility our ecosystem requires.

We are committed to agility

We are gritty and believe speed to execution, personal accountability and delivering finalized work drives excellence and efficiencies.

We are fitted to new environments

We know the path to success is not always predictable. Each daily task and decision will contribute to our long-term vision.

We are responsible investors

We thrive to make our ecosystem successful

Success is what is expected, what surprises and makes us better partners for our entrepreneurs, our investors and our community. Our individual actions must be welcomed by everyone.

Our team is our best asset

We promote inclusion and apprenticeship while acknowledging that investing in one’s excellence is the best contribution to the team. We believe in candid feedback as a driver of change and improvement. We are transparent as the best way to enhance our culture.

Difference is strength

We value all forms of diversity and are proud to promote and embrace it. We look for ways to leverage our differences and those of our partners to the benefit of our ecosystem. We value differences of opinions.


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