What we stand for

Driven by what we believe in

We act on what we value for ourselves, our families and our communities: a sustainable world, in which everyone can access and enjoy the benefits of progress.

Our ESG approach

Our commitment is driven by three interconnected ambitions: ​

Mouro Capital as an ESG compliant fund​

To be accountable for applying our own ESG values and policies.

Inspiring and supporting our portfolio companies and our community

To give hands-on support to our portfolio companies as they develop and implement ESG principles and policies.

Looking for impact investment opportunities ​

To scout for the most promising startups that will make a positive impact​.

Our values in action

Promotion diversity & inclusion

We believe that our decisions are made better by having broad input to them. And when our actions bear fruit, we believe everyone should enjoy their fair share of the benefits.

Managing sustainability​

Our success shouldn’t come at someone else’s expense, so we put the environment, social impact and good governance front and centre in our investment decisions and help our portfolio do the same. We have remained carbon neutral since our launch.

Enshrining mental health

We know that breaking new ground as an entrepreneur can be a lonely pursuit and puts people under immense pressure, so we believe it’s our job as a team to look after our innovators, co-investors and each other.

Our Impact Investing approach​

We recognise significant untapped opportunity in areas where financial and technology innovation can drive positive impact. We are particularly excited to hear from companies that:

Steer allocation of capital to environmental and sustainability initiatives such as ESG investment management products and impact reporting services, the promotion of green financing initiatives, or the offset of emissions.

Empower solopreneurs and small business owners to thrive allowing them to focus on their strengths and passions, while leveraging technology and embedding financial services to automate the rest​.

Build new platforms powering the sharing and circular economy and servicing more sustainable supply chains by leveraging new ownership models and technology.


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